Ares Asia - 安域亞洲

Our Profile

Ares Asia Limited is an investment company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 645). We primarily focus on the fast-growing thermal coal sector through our coal trading platform and we seek to create value for our shareholders through strategic investments in the mining and resources sector.

Under a new leadership team comprised of professionals with unparalleled combination of investment and operational expertise in Asia’s resources industry, we aim to capture the value curve in the mining and resources sector to create long term value for our shareholders.

Given the ongoing trends of industrialisation and urbanisation in key developing countries such as China and India, we believe the demand for resources will remain strong. Particularly, thermal coal is the key fuel in the energy mix of many developing countries. Since Indonesia is the lowest cost producer in the region, we believe Indonesia is poised to benefit from continued growth in global thermal coal consumption. 

With our strategic relationships and strong local knowledge within Indonesia, the world’s largest coal thermal exporter, as well as our Hong-Kong-listed platform which provides proximity and access to China, the world’s largest coal market, we are well-positioned to develop in this sector.